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Wood Carvings

Brand: mps Model: MPSS000018
Sharveshsirpalya Wood Carvings Annam pair - 6 kgHeight:15 InchesBreadth:10inchesWidth:4inchesThis is hand made Annam patchi with two pieces pair .These are antique painting finished ..
Brand: mps Model: MPSS00006
Buddha head Model No:MPSS00006Height: 12 inchesBreadth: 8 inches    Width: 3 inchesHand Carved yellow wood Buddha head with Arasa Leaf..
Brand: mps Model: MPSS0002
Sharvesh Sirpalya Wood Carvings Wooden Bala KrishnaHand carved wooden made yellow wood Polished Gokula  Bala Krishna statue . Don't derect sun and rain.Height 12inchesBreadth:7inchesWidth:3inches..
Brand: mps Model: MPSS00001
Sharvesh Sirpalya Wood Carvings Vellerukku GaneshHand carved soft vellerukku wood made for daily pooja with mangala beedam total height 7 inchesHeight:5inchesBreadth:3inchesWidth:1.5inches..
Brand: mps Model: MPSS00021
Sharvesh Sirpalya Wood Carvings Toy HorseThis is wooden statue,don't direct sunlight and don't clean any detergent liquid clean with wet clothHeight:30inchBreath:30inchWidth:10inch..
Brand: mps Model: MPSS00012
Sharvesh Sirpalya Wood Carvings Steps Stop HorseTeakwood hand made Step stops horse with fitting works also with polish work.Height: 4inchesBreadth 15 inchesWidth: 10 inches..
Brand: mps Model: MPSS00011
Sharvesh Sirpalya Wood Carvings Gaja Laxmi Panel Teak wood wall hanging Gaja Laxmi panel.Length: 48 inchesHeights :18 inchesWidth:4inches..
Brand: mps Model: MPSS00014
Sharvesh Sirpalya Wood Carvings KavadiWooden Kavadi made from vengai wood wooden works only will delivered  and other extra decoration cloth peacock leaves and other are arranged the customer choice.Height: 24 inches Length: 36 inches..
Brand: mps Model: MPSS00013
Sharvesh Sirpalya Wood Carvings Sitting Ganesha Panel Teak wood wall hanging Sitting Ganesha Panel Model No: MPSS00011Height: 24 inches Breadth: 10 InchesWidth :4 inches..
Brand: mps Model: MPSS00010
Sharvesh Sirpalya Wood Carvings Yoga Salai UthraniHand made Aathi wood uthraani with Simmha head.Height: 30 inchesBreadth: 4inchesWidth: 4inches..
Brand: mps Model: MPSS00015
Sharvesh Sirpalya Wood Carvings Lord krishna Lord Krishna Vagai wood antique painted fresh finished.Height: 36 inches Breadth: 12 inches..
Brand: mps Model: MPSS00004
Sharvesh Sirpalya Wood Carvings LaxmiHand carved yellow wood sitting Laxmi on lotus with clear polish finishing.Height:18inchesBreadth:8inchesWidth:3inches..
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