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About VezaImpex


veza means trade and bringing to light. Veza also means “Versatile Entrepreneurial Zeal Activated”

Veza is an e-commerce platform that opens the world of unlimited sales opportunities to Micro, Small and Medium scale product owners. It allows them to sell their products online without taking any additional efforts or incurring any additional costs. It is completely hassle-free. 

Many small product owners think that taking their products to the online market is very difficult and some believe that it is already late and they have missed the bus to the digital platform. But it is never too late. We are here to take you to where the world is today. 

Most of all, Veza is an exclusive e-Commerce platform for Indian products. We understand that there is an abundance of great talents present in our country but still there is a huge gap between technology and talents. Veza brings technology closer to them and it bridges the gap.

Besides all, Veza is a woman-run company and we aim to create more jobs and business opportunities for women especially to single mothers and women from a financially underprivileged background. 

In a nutshell, our mission is to Support Women Entrepreneurs & Promote Indian products. 

Join us today to make a better tomorrow for you and your products! 

Thank you!

Founder & CEO

Creative Head of Events and Operations